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The health and motivation of all our employees, have always been important and prioritized for us. In this direction, we provide our employees with an attractive working environment with our comfortable, clean, warm and friendly offices and production areas equipped with modern technology.

In the light of the Corporate Equality Policy, we aim to raise awareness in every employee with a fair, transparent, efficient, healthy and development-oriented management approach that supports gender equality.

Due to the working principles, we do not exceed the working hours stipulated in the legal legislation, excluding short-term extraordinary business conditions. Based on rank structures and competencies, we observe a fair remuneration system that is compatible with competition and market conditions, sensitive to the principles of equality, and equal pay for work of equal value.

Based on the principle of equal pay for work of equal value, we protect all the rights of our employees.

We form the basis of development and promotion processes by applying a fair, transparent, inclusive and egalitarian performance evaluation that measures the knowledge, experience, effort and behaviors. We ensure that they are included in training programs.

We encourage students to gain experience in professional development by offering internship programs. At the workplace; We adopt a “Zero Tolerance Policy” against violence, domestic violence and/or violation of sexual immunity among employees, between employees and stakeholders and/or in relations between stakeholders, and we apply all sanctions in possible cases.

Based on MUKATECH's vision, mission and values, we effectively use all recruitment tools to place the most accurate and competent candidates for current positions. At the beginning of the recruitment resources, there is an area where vacant positions are announced and job applications are made on MUKATECH's own website, and we also benefit from alternative recruitment resources such as and LinkedIn.

We believe that our success emerges with respect to the value of each of our employees and as a result of cooperation, with a strong sense of belonging and team spirit. We continue to grow and offer you the opportunity to work with passion to realize the vision of MUKATECH to be a world company that shapes the future. We invite you to join journey of success.