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MUKATECH is the point where Murat KANTARCI's production journey, which he started in 1966, came to as a result of meeting with technology. Our Board of Directors, under the chairmanship of Murat Kantarcı; It consists of Doğan Babacan, Ebru Kantarcı Kayaoğlu and Hakan Kantarcı.

In 2008, we established Erciyes University Technopark R&D Office and started studies on Linear Motion Systems. We started mass production in 2011 by developing prototype products in cooperation with university-industry. We still continue to develop our product portfolio with new generation Linear Motion systems.


We carry out original and innovative studies to improve the quality of life in the health sector and industrial area. We offer innovative solutions to our customers who produce hospital beds, treatment chairs, patient lifts and care beds in our facilities located in the Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone.


Our aim is to produce for the world by constantly improving ourselves in accordance with high quality standards, without wasting resources, sensitive to the environment and in a sense of responsibility.


Ideas to technology convert

To be a world company that produces technology and directs the future.


As Mukatech, our vision is to encourage innovation and improve human life with constantly developing technologies in the health sector and industrial field. We aim to play a leading role in improving the quality of healthcare services and increasing the efficiency of industrial activities by providing our customers with the latest technological solutions.

Mühendislik sınıfı


Comfort brought by practical solutions.

To offer original and innovative products that increase the quality of life.


As Mukatech, our mission is to provide the highest level of performance and reliability in the healthcare and industrial fields by providing creative and innovative solutions to our customers. We are committed to providing effective and sustainable solutions with our state-of-the-art products, focusing on the needs of our customers.

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