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MUKATECH managers and employees conduct all their behavior and activities within the framework of transparency, honesty, moral standards, moral traditions and values.


• All kinds of discrimination such as language, religion, race, color, gender, age, ethnicity and others are prohibited within MUKATECH. Racism is not limited to sexual or ethnic content, and any intimidation, aggression, insulting word or behavior in the business environment is within the scope of harassment, and a zero-tolerance policy is applied in all types of harassment.


• MUKATECH employees are obliged to carry out all kinds of work by taking occupational health and safety precautions and respectful to the environment


• MUKATECH employees cannot accept gifts other than generally accepted treats in the name of hospitality.


• MUKATECH employees are obliged to act in accordance with the Competition Law Compliance Program Procedure. We are in favor of fair competition, in this direction, cheating, wrong and incomplete information cannot be given to gain unfair advantage. Offering bribes or kickbacks is strictly prohibited.


• MUKATECH employees are obliged to protect all kinds of private information about their colleagues, managers and the company. Responsible for protecting and careful use of all assets belonging to the company.


Of course, it is not possible to describe all illegal business processes and unethical behavior here. Your personal conscience, common sense and common sense will be your best guide for unconditional compliance with MUKATECH values ​​and policies, laws and regulations, and all contractual obligations.


Failure to comply with MUKATECH procedures, rules and principles may result in termination of your employment and result in criminal penalties. If you encounter any unethical or inappropriate behavior, notify your department managers immediately. Penal sanctions may be imposed on all employees and managers who condone, allow, intervene and delay in taking preventive actions despite having knowledge.

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