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A quick-release feature created by adding new designs to the MA50 series. It's standout feature is the quick release function that allows for lowering of the patient in the event of an emergency or electrical power outage.

MA50 QR.jpg

General Features

Max. Load                                              4,500N (push)

Speed At Full Load                               7mm/s 

Max. Speed At No Load                       9mm/s 

Duty Cycle                                              10%, Max. 2min. Continuous Use 

Min. Installation Dimension                 Stroke Length + 180mm 

IP Ratin                                                    IPX6

Approvals                                               IEC60601-1 

Stroke                                                      25~250mm 

Feedback Options                                Hall Sensors 

Safety Options                                      Safety Nut, Push Only, Push Only + Safety Nut

Voltage                                                   24V DC

Housing Color                                       RAL7035

Operational Temperature                    +5°C to +40°C


For detailed information, you can review our technical catalogue.

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